Sunday, July 20, 2008

Calling Bebo

"Hi, is Bebo deh? Oh hi Bebo."
"Mm, hmm. Mm, hmm. Pretty sure." (sounded more like pwetty shuwah)
"Yah. Pwetty shuwah."
"Mm, hmm. Welllllll.....I will just come to yowah pink house, den."
"Mm, hmm. Pwetty shuwah. Pwetty shuwah but I will ask Mama."
"Ok, den. Bye, Bebo. I lub you, Bebo. Be sweet. Bye."
*Note to readers: Bebo does not exist.


Shannon said...

That's very cute! Does she hear you say "Pretty sure" on the phone a lot?

Colored With Memories said...

I hear that kids with imaginary friends are intelligent...that's what I tell myself at least when Lily is hanging out with "Dodi" on a regular basis!

This reminds me of a post I must write!

Sweet pic!