Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Cheesewagon

William and Catherine are attending music camp this week at our church. It's only for preschoolers and it's only for three days (the fact that it's only for preschoolers explains why it's only for three days, no?). They are having a great time. They are singing. Dancing. Playing games. Doing crafts. And gathering poison ivy, chinaberries and other weapons of mass destruction and bringing them home in decorated paper bags. The theme for the week is a nature hunt. So apparently they trek through woods all morning and collect various treasures and then bring them home. William was so thrilled when he handed me his bag. He said it was a surprise for me. Ooh...a latch hook pot holder maybe? A tiny flower pot with his hand print on it? Imagine my excitement when I reached in the bag to pull out a lethal plant and something else for Stuart to try to stick up his nose or in his ears!

So while the kids were napping I rushed around on my own hunt and collected all of my "gifts" and directly deposited them in the trashcan, taking great care to cram them way down to the bottom so the kids wouldn't find out. I learned my lesson the hard way once when I tossed a blank piece of paper with one faint yellow colored mark in one corner, only to have Catherine burst into tears because her "painting" was in the garbage. Sigh. She's going to end up on Oprah one day for sure.

But here's the funny part of the week (as if you're not already doubled over with the berry story). I'm picking up and dropping off two of our little friends who are attending the same camp. So I have five children under five in my van. I decided to paint a number on the front right panel and paint the whole thing yellow. I've also flashed the entire church parking lot hanging my rear end out the side of the van while I attempt to strap and unstrap five toddlers in and out of carseats.

When I dropped off my passengers today their sweet mom walked out with a cake she'd baked for me, I mean, us. So half a delicious pound cake later I've at least doubled the size of my rear end and should give the church folks a real good show tomorrow. Thank goodness (for them) it's the last day.

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