Monday, August 13, 2007

I Love A Bargain!

My sister-in-law, the Queen of Good Deals, sent me this link to a baby food coupon from Target. It's a web coupon that you can print out as many times as your ink holds out and use as many times as the scanner will scan. It's for $1.00 off of any two baby or toddler food products. My little guy is just starting to eat baby food, so I decided to stock up. I like to make my own baby food (notice the Annable Karmel link) but that was before I had THREE little ones. It was hard enough with two. This time my homemade baby food may be little more than a fleeting thought.

When Kami told me about her shopping experience with the coupon, I thought she was kidding when she said she ended up getting like 50+ jars of food for 41 cents! So yesterday afternoon I went to Tar-get to see if I'd have the same luck. I was a little skeptical about loading my cart full of food and feared that I'd get all the way to the check out lane and only be able to use one coupon and, too embarrassed to return everything, end up purchasing $300 worth of sweet peas and prunes. But I piled everything on the belt, watched it all scan, handed over 30 coupons and watched the discounts fly. When all was said and done I think I paid about $2.00 for enough food to last us through any natural disaster we might face this season (trying not to jinx our run of good luck with no hurricanes so far!). it is....and it expires on Wed. so if you feel so inclined, or know of someone who might benefit....or just might want to go stock up and make a drop at the local food bank....Print on!

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April Elizabeth said...

thats so cool!!!! ill pass that on to everyone i know with babies!