Wednesday, August 15, 2007

End of Summer?

The kids started back to "school" today. I find it hard to believe it's time for school when the temperatures are in the triple digits.
This is Catherine's first time going to preschool, and will be a huge test for us (for her) when we get into cold and flu season. For a child with only one good lung, we've been incredibly lucky and blessed that she has been the picture of health for the past two years. But then again she's never been exposed during sick season. I pray over my children daily, but am sending up extra prayers for protection over her this year.
Can you tell from the picture that we finally got a real kiddie pool? Of course I think William still thinks it's a "kitty" pool and that all the neighborhood cats hang out in it at night when we're asleep. Anyway....the kids have had fun splashing around in it on these oh so hot afternoons.
And this was the look I got when I told Catherine it was time to come in.

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Kelly said...

Hi Julie,

Jakob begins preschool on Monday and I have been a weepy mess! I'm worried for all the same reasons you are with Catherine. He won't be receiving RSV shots this year and I'm just not ready for all the new germ exposure! I know he will love it and it will be good for him, but I catch myself still holding my breath it seems. Reading your post reminded me that there is at least someone else who understands the uncertainty that I have and won't say, "Oh it will be good for his immune system..." Grrrr...
The kids all look great!