Saturday, August 04, 2007

Everybody Say "Cheeeeeeeeeeeese"

We had our first picture taken this morning as a family of five. It was church directory time, where good ole' Olan Mills sets up shop at the church. Our sitting was at 10 this morning, which I thought was a great time for us. Late enough to get everyone ready and early enough to not interfere with naps. I got the children's clothes ready yesterday, made sure everyone was in bed at a decent hour last night, and fixed everyone a good breakfast to feed their smiles.

I didn't take into account the fact that I would probably be - and in fact was - up around 4 am to feed the little guy who is no longer sleeping through the night, so there would be plenty of time to get the bags under my eyes packed. I also didn't stop to consider that (a) no one would want to wear what I had picked out (b) everyone would be fighting and (c) it would be hotter-n-hades. A + B + C does not equal a pretty picture.

We started out the door and Andy had on his dress shirt, his sport coat, blue jeans, and my flip flops (yes I have very big feet). In response to "the look" I was giving him, he pointed out, correctly I might add, that the picture is only from the waist up so who cares what he has on from the waist down. The jeans weren't the problem, I thought....but my platform heeled flops looked a little James Brown-ish but....whatever. William refused to wear his knee socks and saddles shoes and opted instead for big clunky black sandals that looked a little silly with the Peter Pan collared shirt and dress shorts he had on. But again...I was picking my battles at that point.

We finally made it there, looking like a bunch of clowns climbing out of a Volkswagen. We got into the picture taking room and were assigned places. I was sitting in front of Andy, and was to hold Stuart. I was already glistening slightly from just trying to get there, but Artie, our friendly photographer, sits me right under the hottest light, and then plops a big wooden box, with what looks like a bear skin rug on top on my lap, and sits the baby on top of it. By the time we all said cheese I looked like Tammy Faye in a rainstorm (God rest her soul). My entire face had melted off.

The individual pictures of the kids were just comical. All three of my little angels together making faces only a Mother could love. We finally went to view the damage, and Andy and I just laughed, as Mr. Mills was making his sales pitch, trying to get us to buy a "Super Special Deal" of a package for the low low price of $1.045.00. Did they honestly see a single picture in the whole cluster worth a thousand big ones???

I don't think we could PAY our family and friends to display any one of them!

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