Monday, June 04, 2007

The Miracle

After nearly six weeks of slingin' this baby around - literally - we finally found something that works. Nothing we already had, of course. And we had just about everything (or so we thought) when it came to baby gear. At least all the clutter in our house made it look like we did. But nothing that #3 liked. Hated the bouncy seat. Hated the swing. Andy even out of desperation tried him in the exercauser (nevermind that it's made for babies who can actually HOLD THEIR HEAD UP....just let him hang over the edge and see if any of those little toys interest him. Sure.). Anyway....turns out he DOES like to swing....just not front and back. Side to side did it for him. Luckily we have friends who are letting us borrow their swing 'cause I can tell you there sure 'aint gon be no #4 to swing around here! he is sleeping in the new swing. Glad someone is.

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