Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Mexican Store

William came down with some kind of respiratory issue last week. We thought it might be pneumonia. He was coughing and having trouble breathing. Took him to the Dr. on Friday and they did an x ray and said they weren't sure, but they put him on all kinds of meds, including an inhaler like they give asthmatics. Well....the inhaler seemed to cure the respiratory distress, but put me and Andy into major distress because our usually calm, sweet boy turned into Jim Carrey. On speed.
The effect after his breathing treatments was a cross between inhaling laughing gas and sucking on helium. For instance, after running errands with Andy one night just before dinner William ran into the house and said:

"Hey Mama Mama Mama....can we go to the Mexican Store for dinner tonight, can we can we can we? We can get chips and cheese dip and quesadillas and it would be a great dinner and I'll share my chips with Catherine and it would be so good and we would like it so much whataya think, huh Mama, huh Mama, HUH???????"
Dazed and confused. I replied, "Well William I have already fixed dinner tonight so we'll just stay here and eat. I made fish."
"Oh WOW Mama. FISH!!!! Is it carrot fish* or some other kind of fish? I LOVE fish. Now that would be a great dinner. I can't WAIT to have fish. And what else are we having? HUH HUH HUH?"
Ummmm. "Rice. And Beans."
"Oooooooooohhhhm, I LOoooooooooove BEANS!!! I'm going to eat them ALL!"
Now I knew he was sick. And the crazy thing is, he ate ALL of his salmon, asked for more and then.....ate his beans. It was a miracle.
So the other night we went to the Mexican Store and got chips and cheese dip. He was in heaven. The other poor patrons around us, however, were in the exact opposite place, as Sybil threw one of her fits and Stuart howled. I couldn't look anyone in the face because I would have cried right there. But seeing William's happy little face with cheese dip dripping off his chin made it all worthwhile.
He's all better now. And off the gas. And we're all breathing easier.
*No clue what carrot fish is. But it might be related to chicken doodle soup which he asked about later.

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Mary Anna said...

Next time, take advantage of the little speedy gonzales and ask him to shampoo your carpet and wash the windows! Hang in there!