Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Living Green

So Andy, in a sudden burst of environmentalism (is that a word?), has been really encouraging us all to conserve and not be so wasteful. Ok that's just a kinder way of saying that he's actually just cheap and is sick and tired of buying diapers for everyone (not me...I'm happy to say I haven't wet my pants in at least 8 weeks).

Anyway. He's really wanting Catherine to get potty trained, and he's really wanting William to be completely dry at nighttime and give up the overnight pull ups. So last night I gave William the chore of emptying all the trash cans and taking the trash to his Daddy to take out. I next overheard Andy, apparently upon finding several dry pull-ups in the trash, giving William the "wear them again if they aren't wet, don't let me find anymore dry pull-ups in the trash, wear them 'til they are filthy" speech. So William sets off back to his bedroom with a handful of previously worn but not yet filthy pull-ups to recycle.

This morning Andy and I had just walked into the kitchen to get our coffee when William comes walking up, naked from the waist down and holding a pull-up on the tip of his finger and he announces:

"It seems to me that I can throw away this pull-up that appears to be very very filthy."

I take it and start off towards the trash and Andy says, "Is it wet?"

"Well yes it's wet. It's going in the trash."

"How wet?"


So today I went through the dirty laundry and pulled out all of Al Gore's underwear in order to save on electricity and water washing it. I'm just doing my part.

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