Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Project Runway Kindergarten Style

If you send a five-year-old to her room for two hours, she might have a pair of scissors.

And if she has a pair of scissors, she might use them to remove the top layer of her princess nightgown.

And if she removes the top layer of her princess nightgown, she might attach it to a cleverly constructed princess hat made from a piece of white paper and colored with a pink crayon.

And you might have a hard time getting mad at her was pretty clever.

And she's so darned cute.

And, after all, she's the one who has to wear the cut up nightgown, not you.

And...who knows....she might be famous one day.


Michelle said...

I love it! Catherine's project turned out much better than Lawson's hair. You've almost inspired me to lift the 'scissor ban' recently imposed at our house.

LIB said...

She's got amazing focus - that must be the girl/boy difference...