Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Turning Forty Fabulously

So I've been MIA for the past few days for a good reason.  I was kidnapped last Wednesday and transported across several state lines to....

New York City.

This is my abductor.

Good thing he is dashingly handsome.

We arrived in Manhattan sometime around noon, and since I didn't know until that morning where we were going, I had not been able to get my hair did before we left.  So while we were waiting to check in, I told Andy I wanted to "run out real quick" and see if I could find a salon that might be able to take me.  I lucked out.  About a block from the hotel was a charming little salon and they had just had a cancellation and took me right away.  Best haircut I've had since we moved.  Actually it's the only haircut I've had since we moved, but it was so good that I feel like I may need to go back every 2-3 months.  Just sayin'.


After I bopped out of the salon with my cute new do and met Andy a few blocks over, I was starving, so he suggested this one particular coffee shop that we "just had to try."  I thought it odd that out of the hundreds of coffee shops in downtown alone, we had to go to this "one."  But he was adamant.   I soon discovered why.

Our dear friends from Atlanta had arrived and needed a place to walk in and yell "surprise!"  And surprise it was.  Of the best kind.

I later learned that even though the occasion of the trip was to celebrate my birthday, it was a surprise for both of us girls....planned carefully and lovingly for months by these great guys of ours.

They planned fabulous dinners.  And after dinner entertainment just for us.

Like this:

And this:

There was food:

And treats:

Oops.  Wrong picture.


There was much laughter:

And a lot of walking.

Looking for bargains.

Molly found a purse and bought it.

I found a blouse that looked like it would be perfect for a school marm such as myself.  Fortunately for Andy and the rest of my family, I did not buy it.

When it was time to leave, I asked if we could just send for the kids and cancel our return flight.  I beg for that every time I leave New York.  One of these days it will work.

I was still in a New York state of mind when we left.

Until I walked in my house to find my final surprise....a homemade cake decorated by little hands, tons of streamers, and three of the most excited little folks jumping up and down squealing with delight because they pulled off their surprise.

If my birthday celebration is any indication....I think I'm going to like my 40's.


Shannon Locklear said...

What a perfectly lovely birthday!

Liberty said...

Great way to begin what I hear is one fabulous decade!