Thursday, August 19, 2010

Celebrity Email!

Check it out, y'all.

I got an email from the Chairman of the Federal Reserve...Mr. Ben s. (lowercase) Bernanke himself!

I am a little confused though because (a) I really don't know Mr. Bernanke well enough for him to call me "dear", (b) I have no idea what I will do with 10.5 million dollars once I send all my personal information to him and (c) the return email address is .

AOL?  Not GOV?

Maybe Gladysnroyp is his pet name?  I dunno.

Am a little disappointed though.  Would have thought someone in Mr. Bernanke's position would at least know when and how to use capital letters, proper verb tense and punctuation.  Not to mention avoid run-on sentences.


Guess he wasn't homeschooled. it is!  I think I will frame it.  After I cash the check.  First things first you know.

U.s bank Federal Reserve board

Address: 33, Liberty Street, new York, NY 10038

Contract fund credit from bank federal reserve board.

Attn: valued fund beneficiary,

my dear, this is to notify you today dated 19th June, 2010 that we received a valued amount of fund to credit instruction from the federal government of Nigeria bank by (cbn) to credit your account with your full inheritance fund sum of us$10.5million from the Nigerian federal reserve account with our bank federal reserve board in new York.

However, what we required from you is your full banking details where you want your fund to be transferred.

{1}. your full name and address:

{2}. your telephone or cell phone, and fax number

for easy communication:

{3). your bank name and address:

{4). your a/c name and numbers:

(5). your swift code / routing numbers:

(6). your occupation:

(7). your id or international passport copy.

(8). your alternative email:

Be informed that transfer will commence immediately we hear from you with the account information. Once more, bank federal reserve board will not hesitate to credit your account within 24hours in accordance with fund

Release order regulations.

Your immediate response is highly needed to enable us commence for the transfer.

Thanks for banking with Federal Reserve Bank while we looking forward to serving you better.

Congratulation to your inheritance fund!

Thanks and god bless you.

Best regards,

Mr. Ben s. bernanke


Federal Reserve Bank New York.

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LIB said...

you mean you're not going to share ALL your personal info with Gladyspoop??