Monday, August 09, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today is our girl's 5th birthday.   She loves chocolate donuts.

I mean...she loves chocolate donuts.  So what better way to wake her up this morning?  (along with a side of cream puff).   Her whole class showed up to celebrate!

There was a homemade card.

And a few presents.

A new Barbie DVD might as well have been a little blue box with a girl's name on it (starts with a "T', ends with an apostrophe "s") filled with something sparkly.  (the only thing I can think of that would cause me to react like this).

Little brother got all hopped up on sugar and fried dough before we sent him off to preschool.  So sorry, Mrs. Teacher.

Celebrating our sweet girl today!  There's a real story behind us getting her here safe and sound five years ago.  I'll share it soon because it's kinda cool.

Just.  Like.  Her.


liberty said...

Happy Birthday - what a doll!
Hope her stomach is better...

Emily said...

We have that special red plate, too, and our tradition is that the birthday girl/boy gets to set the day's menu. Happy Birthday, Katherine. Oops, that's my girl, I mean Catherine!

Angela said...

Glad to find more homeschooling lawyers who blog!

mommyesquire said...

Angela, send us a link to your blog and we'll list it on our Blog Roll! :)