Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant


I've always wondered about those crazy people....but apparently there are enough of them in this world that they were able to make an entire television series out of it.

Y'all.  Come on.

Come.  On.

I actually saw body parts trying to bust out of my belly each time I was pregnant.   I'm thinking if I hadn't known before, that alone might have made me go "hmmmm."

Is there honestly anyone out there who wouldn't have known you were pregnant?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?


Emily said...

By the time I had had two children, I could tell I was pregnant from the very beginning, even before a pregnancy test could confirm it. There are signs!!!!!

Cindy said...

There was a gal in high school that ended up pregnant at around age 17, but claims she didn't know it until she started having labor pains. My friends & I find that ironic since we all were talking about how we thought she was pregnant for MONTHS! Her parents somehow didn't notice (denial, I guess), but once the contractions started, they called the preacher and the boyfriend and they were married before leaving for the hospital (I guess not legally since there wasn't time for a marriage license, but I guess in the eyes of God it was a done deal before the baby showed up). She's a very petite girl, so she HAD to have know. But at least unlike most teen pregnancy stories, this one fared pretty well. The couple is still married (going on about 18 yrs of marriage I guess), she went on to become a RN, and they had another child several years ago.

Kallan said...

OMG, me. I didn't know for 2 whole months! I was still nursing my first, and still not menstruating. I thought I was gaining weight because of a new job I'd started that left me less time for exercising. I thought the sensitivity to smells at work was my inner voice telling me I'd taken a job I really did not want. I finally found out after I was complaining about these things to my best friend. She took one look at me and said, "Honey, the only place you've gained weight is your stomach. Go get a pregnancy test."

Carin said...

See now, I would totally agree w/ the sentiment. But, then, I actually watched that show and, once I heard these women's particular stories.... HELL, I might not have known I was pregnant either!! Some of those situations are all tricky and weird.