Monday, June 21, 2010

We Don't Say Butt

I don't know if the link below will work or not...I'm sure there is a better way to put a video on here but I have no clue how to do it.  So this may or may not be for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway....let me explain before you click on that there video number 14.

You know how kids think that the word "butt" in any form, usage, or context is simply hilarious?

Well whenever I would hear my kids say it, I would immediately respond with "We don't say butt...we say bottom."

Por ejemplo:

"Hey Mama...what's for dinner?"  Me:  "Chicken."  Them:  "I love chicken...especially chicken BUTT!"    And then hilarious laughter (from them, not me) follows.  So with a straight face I would say, "I'll be glad to save the chicken bottom for you because we don't say butt....we say bottom."

So Stuart, the three-year-old, a couple-a-dozen times or so a day would say (just to say the word "butt")...."We don't say butt, do we Mama?  Noooo.....we say bottom."

But the funny thing was, he would talk in this weird, British/French/Euro sounding voice when he would say it.  So I couldn't help but laugh.  Which doesn't make me a very effective leader.

I almost got it on video one day, as you may or may not see here.

Enjoy! (maybe)

Video 14


Emily said...

Oh, we say butt around here. We have lots of names for the backside-- booty, patootie, patookie, hiney, bum, derierre, buttocks, moon, gluteus maximus, culo, etc. Only "@$$" gets one in hot water. Kate says at dinner, when we play "Let's-tell-what-we-did-today" (every time, without exception, and whether or not she has actually done it), "I saw John's butt in the bathtub. Hehehehehehehe." Aah, entertainment to a family of seven...

Liberty said...

HAve worked for YEARS to inculcate using bottom, instead of butt.
Johnny pointed out how hypocritical it was that I let them say boob, though;)