Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Talk to the Spoon

Because the spoon (a la earlier  "How to Travel (Alone) With Kids" post) was an instant favorite among our readers in travel tips, I thought I'd share a picture.

As you can see, they are on Mr. Spoon's good side.

You do NOT want to be on his bad side.

You do NOT.

ps.  I do realize it is, in fact, a fork and not a spoon.  But there is a reason we call it Mr. Spoon.  Stuart, the youngest, cannot speak clearly.  And when he says fork....well, let's just say.....the "o" part of it sounds more like "uh" and there is no "r" sound.  So it CLEARLY sounds like a different word.  That is not intended for general audiences, if you catch my drift.  I can see it a store....I reach in my purse and he starts yelling "Get the fork away from me!"    And the store is packed.  And everyone turns to stare at the three-year-old with the major potty mouth.

Because that would be just my luck.

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