Thursday, July 01, 2010

The One Where I Took All the Kids To the Doctor....

and then to Wal-mart.

Because it wasn't punishing enough (for me) to stop after the Doctor's visit.  I just had to go to Wal-mart.

Just had to.

Wal-mart.  With all of them.  After two of them had gotten shots.

I mean, on a perfect day when everyone is well rested, in great moods, smothering one another in brotherly love and we have little blue birds flying around our heads because it's such a zippidee-do-dah beautiful day, Wal-mart with my three is just shy of a full blown nightmare.

At one point they had all climbed into the buggy, which left just enough room for me to put some dental floss and one banana in the cart.  So I had to pull at least one of them out.  The one I really needed to stay in there was the very one who decided he no longer wanted to be a for the rest of the shopping trip he ran circles around the cart, singing very loudly, "I'm running...I'm running....I'm running all around."    I felt much like BP....all efforts to contain this massive spill of three-year-old energy failed.

Then of course they want everything....ev-er-y-thing....they see.  Our rule is that if they ask for something and I tell them no, they say "yes m'am."  They don't argue with me, whine about it, or ask a second time.  And for the most part, they follow that rule.  But MERCY it gets old when they ask for everything from popsicles to tampons (yes that has happened) and everything in between.  It gets to the point that I just issue a pre-emptive "no" with every breath.  I think I'll make a sign and just wear it around my neck next time.

If there is a next time.

Invariably, after each Wal-mart trip, once I've recovered from the post traumatic stress disorder, I suffer a severe case of amnesia because  for some inexplicable reason I bring myself to do it again.

And again.

We were home by noon today and everyone down for naps by 12:10.  Quittin' time can't come soon enough.

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Emily said...

I could tell by the title that I had lived that episode, too. How about, "The One Where Emily Takes All Five Downtown to Watch a Parade?" or "The One Where They All Went to Target to Pick Out a Birthday Present for Another Child?" Big fun!