Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nursery School

As I've stated before....I  wasn't planning on doing this homeschooling thing so soon.  I had no reason to believe our house would sell before school got out for the summer, so I didn't imagine I'd be finishing up kindergarten and k-4 with my older two just now.  Which wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have Stuart, aka Taz (the nearly three-year-old tasmanian devil) destroying everything in our path on our learning adventure.

So  each day I try to come up with things to do to involve all three of them.

Like gardening.

(those who know me well are laughing hysterically right now).

This was our school day today.

First we started with some dirt and seeds.

Then after Stuart ate some of our dirt and we replenished our container, we sprayed it with water.

Next, after Stuart tried to poke everyone's eye out, we took our pencil away from him and made small holes with it in the dirt to drop in the seeds.

Then it was time to water everything...

even our paci. (yes he's nearly 3...yes I should probably take it away...and no I don't because I'm afraid of him.)  (Don't judge me).

We hope our little seedlings survive.

We hope  we survive the remainder of our school year.   We're sorta counting the days until Stuart goes to boarding pre-school.


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Southern Belle said...

I've read this entry several times.........each time I laugh and laugh and cracks me up!!!!