Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Found Me How?

I have this little sitemeter on my blog and it tracks the number of visits to my site. I like to look at it occasionally just to see if someone other than my mother is reading it. Also it's fun to see how people found me. Most of the time I think people visit my blog because they want to see what poo stories I have to tell this week. But sometimes they find my blog because they've done a google search for some random term and it leads them here. Here are some of the search terms that have brought me a few visitors.

"Keeping out sound under doors." Hmmm. Let's could try....locking yourself in the bathroom with your iPod turned up real loud. I've never tried it of course...I'm just guessing it works. Try some Lenny Kravitz. Just guessing.

"FAA Facebook Addicts Anonymous." Are you kidding me? Seriously? Seriously. Someone was actually looking for such a group?

"Shut D Door Keep Out D Devil." Again, try the bathroom. I'm thinking it just might work.

"McCaughey septuplets grocery list." Some grocery fairy out there wanting to surprise them? I'd suggest lot and lots and lots of food. Lots.

"Tricker tree." Whatchoo say when you go someone do gettin' candy-n-stuff?

"Hotlanta Mommies." Um...sounds like a strip club. Please. No.

One of the most popular searches that leads people to my site is "what does esquire mean?" Like maybe they saw it after their lawyer's name and they wanted to find out what it means. When they find one of my poo stories bet they are sorely disappointed to find it means one who cleans up other people's poo all day long.

Wait a minute. Now that I think about it...that's exactly what lawyers do. Hmm.

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Colored With Memories said...

so true!

i've been noting some of the crazy searches that landed people on my blog...thinking of doing a similar type post.

it's crazy who lands on these little blogs of ours.