Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthday Crashers

We had a whirlwind weekend of princess parties, bear building expeditions, fountain playing and party crashing.  I'll explain.  And I have photographs to illustrate.

First, on Friday, we celebrated Catherine's third birthday with a princess party.


We invited a few of her little girlfriends over to don their royal attire and join us for tea and crumpets.  Well, juice boxes and cheese sandwiches actually. 


They wore fancy hats made by mimi.


And got manicures from gigi.


Played Kiss the Frog and Turn Him Into a Prince.


note:  artwork by daddy


Spiderman even dropped in for a visit.


So did Sleepy Dwarf.


The royal court.


note:  cupcakes and invitation by mommy



The birthday princess:


So anyway, after all the party excitement on Friday, we had planned to celebrate Catherine's actual birthday on Saturday, just us 5, with a trip to the build a bear workshop where she would pick out her present from us.  After naps yesterday we loaded up the family truckster and went to the bear makin' place where after much indecision she found the one.


She dressed her and named her Claire.  Claire Bear.


After a very peaceful, organized, orderly and quiet dinner at Moe's (you really believe that don't you) we decided to let the kids run off some energy at the fountains.  This was the first time we had taken all the kids to the fountains this summer.  There's a reason.

See this little guy?


It's impossible to keep up with him.  And it was next to impossible to keep up with all three, especially when we were outnumbered and outwitted.  We found out last night they are faster and smarter than us.  And very very sneaky.

William got injured at one point and we needed to bandage his bobo.  I was holding Stuart and had one eye on Catherine, who was playing happily in the fountains, and the other eye on my little patient being tended to by Dr. Daddy.  I looked up and saw her:


Then five seconds later she was not to be found.  I started scouring the crowd, looking for the little pink ruffled swimsuit but she was nowhere.  I started to panic.  I took off running 'round and 'round the fountains, calling her name, my heart beating fast and terrible thoughts running through my mind all of a sudden.  I hollered back at Andy, "She's gone!  I don't see her anywhere.  Call for help!"

About that time I spotted a birthday party and a gathering of children under the pavilion.  I ran up the steps and peered in and spotted a familiar looking profile in the midst of the partygoers.  No, it can't be. I looked closer.  There sat my Catherine.  Perched in a chair next to the birthday girl  eating a huge - and I mean HUGE - chunk of cake.  I can only pray now that she didn't also blow that poor girl's candles out.

As I was apologizing profusely to these strangers for my daughter's boldness, William found me and said loudly, "I want some cake!"  I tried to act like I didn't hear him.  Or know him.  But those nice people insisted he join them and gave him a big piece as well. 



So Happy Birthday to Catherine.  And Happy Birthday to Kaylee too.  Thanks for letting us crash your party.


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to Catherine!

The part about finding her at some stranger's birthday party was hilarious. And it's even funnier that William jumped right in as well! Love it!

Colored With Memories said...

great party idea and invite...enjoyed the pics on facebook as well!

i can't imagine the feeling of panic as you searched for her...and then the relief (and embarrassment) when you finally did!

Rhonda Case said...

James Clark wanted me to tell Catherine, "Happy Birthday!"

I can't believe she is three years old!

Mary Anna said...

I love how kids don't have any issue with making new friends or introducing themselves to someone else's social circle. I think the world might be a better place if we as adults did the same.