Thursday, August 07, 2008

This Is It...I've Found It...I Am In...

you know...that really really hot place down there.  That's where I thought I was last weekend as I stood in a yard at 6pm on what I swear was the hottest day of the last two centuries.  It was 98 degrees with a heat index of hell.  What was I doing you might be wondering?  I took my kids to a birthday party.  There were pony rides.  So all the adults stood around swatting at mosquitoes the size of buzzards while the kids took turns riding three ponies that I secretly hoped had not eaten in a few days eliminating any need for "rest stops."  On my feet.

It was a precious idea though.  And the kids loved it.   Got some cute pictures too:

Aug02'08 015

Aug02'08 024

Aug02'08 037

I love this picture of William and his little friend.  They look like they've been married 20 years.  Looks like she's saying, "Are you SURE you told the horse to be here at 6? 'Cause I don't see no stinkin' horse!"

Aug02'08 045

Aug02'08 073

They ran relay races with the ponies where they had to grab the horse's rope and take off running across the yard.  There were a couple of little kids (Catherine's age) who were scared to death and wouldn't get near the horse.  When Catherine made it to the front and was supposed to race her horse, the horse's owner looked over at me and suggested I might have to go with her.  I was about to help her when she grabbed that rope and took off like she'd been shot out of a canon.  This was the only picture I managed to get of her as she whizzed by.   She is one tough broad.

Aug02'08 082


Cindy said...

Would it be rubbing it in to say that our weather forecast for tomorrow is "sunny and 80 degrees"? Of course, come January and I'm freezing my you-know-what off, you can rub it in.

Love the pictures - especially the one of your little Annie Oakley! She's a force to be reckoned with!!

Mary Anna said...

Last weekend, my mom and I were in the car and we passed a farm that sold miniature ponies. My mom (trying to hint for the thousandth time that she wants grandchildren), said that if I would hurry up and have kids, she would get a miniature pony so her grandchildren could ride whenever they wanted.

When we got home, I told my mom about this blog post and the pictures of the kids dragging the ponies behind them. We had a good laugh.