Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To The Moon

So here we are once again getting ready to load up the family truckster and head out on a week's vacation. Actually it's more like a 10 day vacation. Where are going that we will be gone for so long you might ask? Europe? The west coast? Nope....Atlanta. Just 5 1/2 hours away. But because it's such an undertaking just to load up and get gone, we like to make it count. Get our money's worth so to speak.

For some reason that I honestly cannot explain or account for, I feel compelled every time we go on a trip such as this to stockpile food, toiletries and other items as if we are going all the way to the moon which is the only place in the stratosphere that does not have a Wal-mart open 24 hours just around the corner from wherever you might find yourself in need of _____ at _ :00 am or pm.

So it just doesn't make sense that yesterday morning, my only morning this week to have only one child under foot, I spent the entire time at....Walmart. I bought everything from juice boxes to 6 packs of juice (just in case someone would rather have a box than a bottle) to little packs of plastic bags to stash in your purse for diaper emergencies (which could very well come in handy) to extra packs of baby Tylenol to a large pack of disposable washcloths with the baby wash already infused because, you know, it's SO hard to pack washcloths and a container of baby wash. And then I bought extra warm pajamas for all the kids, and slippers for the older two. And we had just discussed that we are going to "pack light" for this trip. We said...If we ain't got it, we'll go get it if we need it.

What in the world???

So today my sole purpose in life, my only goal, is to pack just ONE bag for each person. And a diaper bag. And a food bag. And a shoe bag. And obviously I'll need a bag just for JUICE. And another for pajamas.

And Andy will kill me when he sees it all sitting out to be loaded into the car.

Wish me luck.

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