Monday, November 19, 2007

Country Bear Jamboree

Well here we are at the cabin in the North Georgia mountains. It's beautiful here. Of course the weather is much milder than I anticipated and, in my effort to pack lightly, I'm finding it difficult to put together outfits for the children from two mittens, a pair of underwear and a fleece lined jacket. In fact, I packed so lightly that I forgot my toothbrush. And didn't bring William a single pair of jeans. And I've already had to stop and buy some baby wipes at a country store in the mountains where they cost about $12.00. But that's ok. We said if we ain't got it, we'll buy it. And we may go broke this week. But we're travelin' light!

And at least one of us is having a vacation. Three guesses as to who it is. One of names mentioned....put on his running clothes to go for a jog as I was juggling a hungry baby and two wild monkeys bouncing off the walls right at breakfast time. I said "oh no you di'n't....I know you are not leaving me here with all these kids by myself to fix breakfast for everyone." Not that I don't do it every single day of my life....but it's slightly more complicated when you don't have the comforts and conveniences of home and you're trying to keep kids from stabbing each other with the fireplace pokers.

His response? "I'm on vacation! And I want to go for a run!"

Fair enough. But when does my vacation start?

Things that make you go "hmmmmm."


Shannon said...

You need to get your vacation too! :) Hope you guys have fun!

Mary Anna said...

You may have forgotten the baby wipes, but at least you didn't forget the laptop---and good job in booking a cabin with wireless!