Monday, October 04, 2010

Nature Walk Redeemed

So about a month ago, my oldest son started begging to go on a nature walk to the "story tree."  He had discovered said tree on a nature walk with a neighbor who led him across the golf course to a giant oak tree with low limbs on which little boys could climb....and listen to stories, assuming there is a story teller present.

So on our inaugural quest to discover the story tree, I set out with all three of my children on a steaming, humid, south Georgia morning....story book for reading, blanket for sitting, and water for hydrating.  It seemed like a grand plan.    Until we got lost.  Something like three miles from home.  And it was hotter than hades, the three-year-old got a sore foot and had to be carried, the five-year-old got a whiney, annoying attitude and had to be beat with a yardstick ignored, and we all had to be rescued by one of the groundskeepers who happened upon us just prior to my collapse and gave us a ride home in his golf cart.


After that episode I texted Kim with a picture of my motley crew after our failed expedition and entitled it "When Nature Walks Turn Evil."

But today....

Oh today.

It was a cool, beautiful fall morning.  The birds were singing.  The sun was peaking over the tree tops.  And the story tree was calling our names, save the three-year-old who was away at preschool.




This morning we had no problem finding the tree.

Instead of water we took hot chocolate.

We decided it was Silly Sock day, to go along with Story tree celebration of the letter "s."  So we (well, they...) wore silly socks.


Speaking of attire....

One of us took the sudden burst of cooler air to an would have thought it was snowing from her wardrobe selection.

Then three minutes later she was barefoot.

One of the great things about fall in the south.

True to its name,  the tree inspired us to read stories.

And just enjoy being together.  In the quiet of the morning.

Until our quiet was interrupted by technology.  Grrrr.  I would have left it at home....

except I'm still having flashbacks from our near demise during the last nature walk and I wanted to make sure I could call 911 and get us life flighted out if need be.

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Wendy said...

and the 2010 caldecott medal goes to .........
The Story Tree, by J.H.R.!