Saturday, February 09, 2008

Soul Kitchen

We had a most unusual but most delectable Saturday night dinner tonight. We stopped by the farmers market the other day and Andy bought some collard greens. I told him I don't eat 'em, I don't cook 'em, and I certainly don't clean 'em. But they were already cleaned so that wasn't an issue. The eatin' and the cookin' of them was though.

So tonight it was all Andy. He cooked up Paula Deen's recipe for collards, fried pork chops, cheese grits, and we had some leftover mexican cornbread from last night's Santa Fe soup dinner. I was starving, so I decided to try some of the soul food and, oh my. I didn't know what I'd been missing!

I'm going to have to throw that rubber ball extra hard at next week's Silver Sneakers class to work off that meal.

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