Saturday, December 15, 2007

Transgender Santa

So the kids had their Santa breakfast at school yesterday. It was a big deal. Andy even went with us. The way it works is, you fight the other 300 kids and parents to get a chicken biscuit and then anxiously await your number to be called to sit in Santa's lap and get a picture. We were ready. Matching Santa outfits, fresh batteries in the camera and updated wish lists.

We noticed that one particular guest of honor was noticeably absent as the breakfast started...namely SANTA. Finally, the director of the school came out and announced that after a short delay at the North Pole, Santa had finally arrived and was ready for the first visitors. Which happened to be us.

As we walked up to the stage, I noticed that Santa was about the puniest character I'd ever seen. About 5'6 and 120 pounds, if even. Then when "he" said "ho, ho, ho" and sounded like Betty Boop I realized it was one of the preschool teachers! At that point, Catherine started wailing, scared to death of "Santa" and I wanted to say "Oh cut it's Ms. Meagan!" But of course I couldn't. So I gently put both William and Stuart in Santa's lap and hoped they didn't hurt her, and kneeled in front with Catherine who was still terrified. And there you have our Santa picture, 2007.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

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