Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hugging Trees

I am choosing to blog rather than shower at the moment. It's a difficult choice, as some days my greatest fear is that I haven't even brushed my teeth. Can only hope that the 3 large pieces of pound cake I've just consumed this morning will freshen by breath somewhat.

I have officially turned into a hippie. I am wearing my child in a sling. He's happy, which makes the rest of us happy. But I look like a hippie. No makeup, the sling, and I've dug my Birkenstocks out of the back of my closet. Now if I could just get my hair into braided pigtails I'd be set.

Oh Lord gotta run. Someone's crying. Of course these days there's usually at least one person crying. Sometimes it's me. I managed to pull what my friend Christy calls a "three-fer" yesterday. They were all three crying at once. It was a symphony of madness.

I'm off to go hug a child and stop the crying. Then I'll be outside hugging a tree. At least the tree won't care if I stink.

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