Monday, December 04, 2006

Update on Catherine

First of all thanks for all who have been praying once again after we got what seemed like bad news with the recent ct scan. We have now talked to her Dr. in Birmingham who told us that things aren't quite as scary as they seemed from the radiology report. He said that although there are changes on that remaining portion of her right lung, and the mass is still there, he isn't concerned enough to want to do anything about it right now. He said that there is slight shifting in the chest cavity but again he's not worried about it right now. That's not to say that we might not be facing surgery again down the road, especially if she starts to get sick, but for now we're going to continue to monitor it through x-rays every few months and a ct scan once a year.

Please continue to pray for her health, that she will avoid any infections or sickness that might set her back. Also we can continue to pray for complete healing because I am thinking that God just needs a little more time with her to heal that lung. Thankfully Catherine has been the picture of health since she came into the world, defying the odds and leaving us to wonder if she really has had all of this going on inside of her? Trust me, some days it doesn't sound like she has only one good lung!

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