Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Remember the Alamo?

After my first full day in San Antonio and a not so memorable trip to the Alamo I'm exhausted and hungry and if I wait much longer in this hotel room while Andy schmoozes downstairs at his conference I'll be forced to eat my pillow. I'd take off for parts unknown by myself but there's a bus station one block away and I'm not feeling brave. So there's not much to tell about the Alamo. We went. We saw. Andy read every informative plaque from one end to the other and I sat on a bench and pondered why there were signs all over the place saying you couldn't touch the walls??? They've been there for like...what....nearly 200 years....I guess that's why. No one can touch them.

We ate at a really upscale fancy schmancy tex-mex place last night and Andy got his standard 3 cheese enchilada dinner and I got chalupas. We're just BORING. We could get the same thing at Los Taco in Mayberry. Came back and were in bed and asleep by 10. Woo-hoo!!! Wonder what us wild and crazy party animals will do tonight? Will report tomorrow.

Oh...I have to tell this though. I had a frightening encounter in the ladies room today while we were out and about. My friend Laurie actually reported on this on her blog and I thought it was a joke. But there is this hand dryer called the xlererator and I mean it is to be FEARED. I screamed when it came on and started looking for the skin from my hands it ripped off. Have time I think I'll lean down and stick my face in it and get a free facelift.


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