Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's a Good Thing

Today has been one of those days. You know...days when you just seem a little off all day long? It started early, about 6:10 am to be exact. Some mornings I actually get up at 4:45 and go to the gym so I'm back home, exercised, showered, and psyched up, ready to catch all the balls that are thrown at me. Literally and figuratively. Today was not one of those days. William crept into our room in that pre-dawn hour and hopped up in the bed between us, plopped his little head next to mine and whispered "mama....I want a lollipop." In my drunken slumber I said sure...ok. I stumbled up the stairs and dug out the bag of dum dums (how appropriate) and asked him if he wanted strawberry or lemon. He said both. Sure...why not I thought....that's two fruit servings out of the way before 7 am. I'd like to say that after I turned on HigglyTown Heroes for him I went back to sleep but that didn't happen. So for the rest of the day I've been just a little off.

Case in point.

We've lived in this house a year and a half now and for a year and a half I've needed to do a little decorating. Actually a lot of decorating but a little would be an improvement. So today after we dropped William off Catherine and I went to the fabric store to see if I could get some inspiration. I need some window treatments in my den and I have an old sad little chair that needs to be slipcovered. I found myself perusing the silk fabric, found a lovely stripe that matched perfectly and actually said out loud "hmmm....this would make nice cornice boards." So I bought it. And as I'm paying for it the lady next to me says..."oh that's pretty fabric...are you going to make something with it?" And I reply...."oh yes, I'm going to make some lovely cornice boards for my den windows." Next...of course....she says...."oh really? how do you make those?" At this point the man handed me my receipt and I just looked over at her and said "mmmkay... you have a good one!"

Guess it's obvious I have NO IDEA how to make cornice boards. It's difficult to find time to floss my teeth, much less design and manufacture window treatments. But I do have some lovely fabric now. And that's a good thing.

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maryabigail said...

Don't feel bad. I have NO IDEA how to make any sort of window treatment that doesn't come from the Martha Stewart K-Mart line. :)