Saturday, January 22, 2011

She's Eating My Words (and everything else)

I said that nothing else was coming in our house that eats or poops.

She's eaten those words and spit them out.

She's learned to go outside to do her business.  That's good!

But then she sometimes immediately does it again.  Inside.

That's bad.

She chews up anything that isn't nailed down or doused with Tabasco sauce.  A few recent iPad cable, one Wii nunchuck, an SD card reader (no clue what that was but apparently was quite useful with video games and such), and one favorite pink polka dot flip flop.

That's bad.

But she has a sweet disposition, is highly agreeable, never whines, wags her tail when I put her food in front of her (eats every bite and never complains), sleeps all night and wipes her own bottom.

That's good!

(and more than I can say about some others in this house)


Liberty said...

She's beautiful - what's her name??

mommyesquire said...

Cameron! Cam for short. Camnewton as Stuart calls break....Camnewton....just like that. War Eagle!