Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cold, Rainy Days

... are the best.

There's just something about a cold, dreary day that makes me happy.

Is that odd?

I feel inspired.  Creative.  Encouraged.

Because I know that after the rain, comes the sun.

And after winter, comes spring.


No need to rush it.  Or wish it away.

Rather, savor it.  Fix yourself a cup of tea, light a fire (or at least a candle), get a good book, turn on some music....

and rest.

At my house we like to get out every sheet and blanket we can find and build a fort in the den.  Sometimes we sit in the fort and eat popcorn.  We're crazy like that.

We look forward to days like this.  Because it's just not as much fun to build a fort in the den when the warm sunshine is beckoning you outside.

Days like this are a gift.

In more ways than one....

1 comment:

Liberty said...

Love the SAVORING part of this...I can see y'all sitting there, eating popcorn and reading....