Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scavenger Hunt!

A friend here who was a first grade teacher (and who is much more creative than I!) put together a scavenger hunt for our kids at the state park.  For this I was grateful as I am running out of steam ideas as we approach the unofficial end to our unofficial trial period of homeschool kindergarten and playschool.

First of's really beautiful there.

We met at the side of the lake and gathered the troops to give them instructions.  The ages of the kids ranged from about 20 months to 6 1/2.  There were 3 three-year-olds and one four-year-old so for them, this exercise was perfect.    For the almost seven-year-old, it was not as challenging.  Until we put him in charge.  Something that seven-year-olds like to be.  Or at least think they are.  Anyway....

They were given sheets with pictures of different colors, and they were to find items that matched the colors.  Lucky for my three, they had an experienced guide who could clarify any confusion they might have had.

It was fairly easy to find items that were brown, orange, and green....but they had to look long and hard to find purple.


Next it was time to look for animals.  Stuart spotted some ducks and was in his element.  This, of course, was most unfortunate for the ducks.

Obviously they didn't hear what happened to the butterfly at the hands of the Stuart.  If they knew, they would have never been this close.

Not only were there ducks....but there were donkeys.


And one big, ugly, smelly, dirty pig.  Boar.  Whatever.   Bless his heart.

Group shot.  Minus Stu who was probably off trying to stick his finger up the donkey's nose.  Honestly, it would have been easier to position the ducks, donkey, rooster and boar on that tiny bench than to gather these young'uns for a group picture.

See that look on Catherine's face?

That's exactly how I looked when this photo session was over.

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Liberty said...

the pic with the purple is incredible! love her sweet face in the background! wish I was creative enough to do that on our farm...* blessings*