Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's the Difference Between a Soccer Mom and a Gross Smelly Person Who Hasn't Even Brushed Her Teeth?

Not much.

William is playing soccer this year and his enthusiasm for the sport is underwhelming.

Soccer practice rolls around on Thursday nights and Andy and I look at each other and say, "Crap! We have soccer practice?" Because William could really care less. So it really doesn't cross his mind.

Then Saturday mornings when we've barely rolled out of bed after a night of musical beds like we had last night, and Andy's planning on spending the day in the yard and I have a million errands to run, we look at each other over breakfast and say, "Crap! We have a soccer game this morning???" Then, like this morning, we realize we're already late so after getting everyone else ready, I am forced to choose between getting my pants on or brushing my teeth. I opted for pants.


It's not that we're not happy William is playing. We were actually really excited about it. But after the first practice, William announced that he'd rather be swimming. So he spends most every practice and every game just sort of fluttering around the field, making fish faces and trying to ignore us yelling to him, "The ball, William! The ball! Kick the ball!" Sheesh.

I'm thinking this time next year we'll be going to swim meets. Michael Phelps is probably making more money than David Beckham anyway. Wouldn't ya think?


Colored With Memories said...

Oh i am so not ready for the days of practices and games. i drive by the fields and feel sorry for all those parents! i hear soccer has less of them than baseball though!

Kelly said...

We're in the same boat, only we got suckered into coaching! The team we played today had to be lying about the age of their players... they were huge and fast! After one of the recently turned 4 year olds scored twice, the biggest kid on the other team came over and told him "You're not getting anymore goals!" My kid-loving, first grade teacher heart couldn't take it! Only four more weeks to go... Kelly

Rhonda Case said...

I am thinking of you today Julie. I pray you have a good day on your first day.

~Jamie said...

HAHA I totally feel ya! My kid decided that she would rather be dancing than swimming... so she spent the entire time at swim lessons pretending her swim suit was a ballerina costume... and she wouldn't talk to the swim teachers because they weren't dancing... it was an awesome waste of money and time. :) She had to have learned SOMETHING, right?