Sunday, July 06, 2014

Camp Misery

So you know we just moved about two months ago and one of our first Sundays at our new church our daughter was invited to go to G.A. camp with them for a week.  I wasn't sure she would want to go.  She's never been away for that long and she didn't know anyone so I was sure she would say no when I asked.  But instead she jumped right on it.  When I went online to sign her up, I started thinking how incredibly awesome sad and lonely it would be at home if the boys were gone that week too.  I tried to register everyone but apparently the "G" in G.A.'s stands for girls.  They seem to be pretty serious about it too.

Anyway.  She's registered, money paid, spot reserved, no refunds, leaving tomorrow, no turning back at this point.  We were looking at the list of things to bring last night and we had this conversation:

Her:  What if I don't like it?

Me:  You will!

Her:  But what if I don't?

Me:  No chance.  You will!

Her: (Clearly not pleased with my response) BUT WHAT IF I DON'T?  Then what?

Me:  Well.  You'll'll....well....I guess you'll start counting the days until you leave.

Her:  What if I want to leave right after I get there?

Me:  Well that would be bad because you'll have five days at that point to be miserable.  Try to wait and be miserable closer to the end of the week, like maybe sometime Thursday afternoon.  Then you'll have less than 24 hours.  Friday morning misery would be even better.

Her:  [blank stare]

I really don't know why they even try to talk to me.

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