Thursday, June 26, 2014

Me again

I started this blog in 2006 when I left my job at a law firm to stay home with two babies.  My first post was entitled "What they don't teach you in law school."  You can find it here.  I can't believe anyone ever read this blog again after that post.  But for some reason they did.  So I kept blogging, because it made me happy.  But then I stopped.  It's not that I ran out of stuff to say, I just think I started saying it on Facebook instead.  Facebook completed me.  Which is quite sad, really.

In the eight years since that first blog post I had another baby, went back to work, came back home, moved three times across the entire southeast, and learned a few more things they didn't teach me in law school. Like cooking, homeschooling, and photography.  So now I'm back, imparting my wisdom and knowledge to both of the readers I have left.

When I first started blogging, I had two babies.  Then the third.  I was drowning in all things baby, toddler, and preschool.  A friend who has three littles, the same age difference as mine, asked me not long ago how I survived.  I started to answer but the words caught in my throat and my eyes glazed over as I vaguely recall scenes like hiding in the bathroom with the door locked while I sat in the cold, hard bathtub to nurse the baby while the other two banged on the door and stuck their little fingers and hands as far under the door as they could reach.  Like a Lifetime movie trailer.  Hiding from terrorists....but instead of a knife I had a newborn.   Then there was the time Andy came home to find me curled up in the corner of the kitchen, rocking back and forth, chanting over and over I'm bigger and smarter...I'm bigger and smarter....I'm bigger....and smarter.  I'm fairly certain that's the day he hid the scissors and removed all my shoelaces

Kidding!  Mostly.   But I did survive.  And for some crazy reason I actually thought once I got everyone potty trained and sleeping in their own beds through the night it would be smoooooooth sailing.  Ha.   Here's what you don't realize as you move from one stage to the next....

it's all the same kind of different.

And each stage is wonderful, heartbreaking, frustrating, amusing, and hysterical all at the same time.

It's a crazy world.  Someone ought to sell tickets.

Sure, I'd buy one.  

(Raising Arizona)


Debbie Holobaugh said...

I love your blog! Always have, always will!

Debbie @ Flower Child Designs

Allison Redd said...

You're back! So glad! I love reading your posts.

I've become a homeschoolin', mini-van drivin' mama of three and if you'd asked me that in college I wouldn't have punched you in the throat but I would have told you you were crazy.