Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This girl had a birthday the other day.

After she left for school we started working on signing the card.

It takes a while when you are five.

I love that she keeps a journal.  
(even if she doesn't always finish what she starts and leaves me hanging)
Let me fill in the rest....

We do friend parties every other year and family parties on the off year.
(actually, we do family parties every year).
So when it's the year for a friend party you really get two.
This was our family party.
And we they made homemade pizza.
(they haven't figured out it's not a treat to have to cook on your own birthday).


And had cupcakes.  
(red velvet with raspberry cream cheese frosting...too bad you can't taste a picture).

The girl who doesn't like to be the center of attention, well, was.

After we ate and before she opened presents we went around the table
to tell her what we love about her.
(I wasn't real sure how it was going to work, especially with the one who is five).

Some things that were said....
"you are so sweet, to everyone,"
"you look for ways to be helpful,"
"your smile makes me happy and your laugh is the best,"
"you look for ways to create and I love how you can make something beautiful out of nothing,"
and then the same one (you know, the one who is five),
 who worked (hard) for nearly 45 minutes to write "I love you" on
his sister's card, looked at her and said
 "you love me....and I love that....
because you love me all the time."

He is right.  

And oh how we love this sweet girl.

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