Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Moving Tale, Part 2

So we made it to south Georgia and life looked somewhat different for us.

For starters, I went from a full time working Mom to a full time stay-at-home-HOMESCHOOLING Mom.  I went from pining over never seeing my children to pining over having them under my feet 24/7 having them with me all the time!  Because we didn't know anyone, we went from having a rather full social calendar to enjoying quiet days together.  Just the five of us.  And it was.... nice.  Very nice.  It's like all the craziness, turmoil and stress of the prior year came to a screeching halt.  The noise was all turned off and suddenly there was silence.  And peace.  And tranquility.   And we got to know each other again.

We spent lazy days doing just what we wanted to do.  Usually in bare feet.

We sort of fell in love with each other.  All of us.  All over again.  Because we were all we had.

Looking back on our life that last year in Fairhope, I realize now that our family was falling apart.  It's clear to me now that God needed to pick us up....move us....and then start to put us together again.

And that's just what he did.  And that's probably why my prayers to stay there seemed to be unheard and unheeded.

And that was the answer to my Why?

Then, as is His way, He started blessing us in ways we don't deserve.  We made some precious friends, found a wonderful church....

And then.

And then.....

Much unlike before when we had no choice or voice in the decision to pack up and move....recently we were faced with a most unexpected opportunity to move again.  Much closer to "home."   The Gulf Coast.  Where we both spent our childhoods.  Where we met and married.  Where most of our memories were made.  Where our roots run deep.  And where we knew we always wanted to raise our family.

With heavy hearts and after much prayer and soul searching, we made the decision to leave this sweet, quiet and content life we were just starting to make here....and go home.

After struggling over whether we were making the right decision and not wanting to make any mistakes, and praying fervently for answers (and probably prodding God a little on how we wanted those answers to come), I had an epiphany...a revelation of sorts...and it came from Facebook of all places.  How 21st century of God to speak to me in that way!

It was a friend's status one morning, and it came from a friend of hers who apparently was struggling over whether or not to take a new job.  Her revelation was God saying (and I'm probably not quoting this just right...but here goes):

I created you for fellowship with me.  Take any job you like.

I'll save my own commentary on what this meant to me for another post but let's just say it put everything in perspective  and gave me peace that we really couldn't make the wrong decision.   I became grateful for the year of rest, restoration and healing for our family.  I began to get excited about what lies ahead for us.  And I think that I (call me Peter here) felt God's hand reaching out, grabbing me saying "Oh ye of little faith....why did you doubt?"

...and when they climbed into the boat, the winds died down. (Matthew 14:30-32)

As we are now looking at another pile upon pile of boxes, another moving van, and another season of starting over from scratch... and getting ready to climb in that boat again.... we are doing so much stronger than last time.  With greater faith.  And with a greater appreciation for answered (and unanswered) prayers.

Of course you do realize....I may be clinging to that verse up there more than ever and looking for a real boat to climb into since we will close on our new house just three weeks before hurricane season begins.

Oy vey.

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