Monday, February 22, 2010

If Home Is Where the Heart Is…

I’m afraid I might be leaving mine here.


And here.


Or maybe under this tree…


Of course there are the flowers…


Can’t think of this place and not think about flowers.


I think I might be sitting over in Georgia late one afternoon and think about these guys too…


Or wish I could take a run along this path.


Why is it you take for granted places you love.  You say, “eh, not today….maybe tomorrow.  There’s always tomorrow.”

But sometimes there isn’t.

Now that I think about it… we do the same thing with people we love.  Don’t we?  We always think we have tomorrow.

Sometimes we don’t.

Maybe there’s a lesson here. 

And maybe it’s about something much more important and greater than moving.

1 comment:

Booster MPS said...

You know, I know exactly where that trail is. And I miss it. I miss that part of the world a lot some days.