Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Writing on the Wall

"They" have told me time and again how fast it goes. I haven't believed them. Because usually it's on a day when I'm overwhelmed, sleep deprived, exhausted, frustrated, impatient or downright delirious...sometimes all of the above. "They" are those moms who've been there. And to them it's all a vapor now. They say "enjoy it"...."it goes too fast"...."believe it or not you'll look back and wish for these days again...".

I've found it hard to believe.

But slowly I'm seeing that it's true.

This one starts school in August. I wish I could push "pause" and make it all last just a little longer. Every time he curls up in my lap with those long gangly legs and stinky big boy feet wrapped around me I wonder how much longer he will want much longer 'til it's not cool any more. So I gather him up in my lap the best I can and thank the Lord for every moment.

For as long as it lasts....


steph said...

the photos alone made me tear up ... and then i read the post! boohoo!

Booster MPS said...

Very handsome young man J. Time does indeed pass quickly and it is such a blessing to look around at my friends from days gone by and see their beautiful families. This is one single no kids guy that is fascinated by the blessings that kids have brought to his friends. Best.

Mary Anna said...

Come back! I'm dying here at work!