Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Does This Look LIke a Jerk To You?

So this morning I was getting everyone's breakfast in front of them and I put a banana on Stuart's tray, which he immediately tossed onto the floor. "No!" Mmmkay. Let's try juice. I set his juice down. It quickly followed the banana to the floor.

So I picked up the banana and the juice, set it on the table and decided to do my best to ignore the foul, offensive little person in the highchair.

Catherine walked by, saw Stuart's juice on the table and handed it to him. "Here you go Sewart," she said as she put it on the tray. "NO!!!" he yelled as he catapulted it once again to the floor.

"Catherine, that was nice of you but he's being a jerk. Leave him alone."

A jerk? Did I just call my 21-month-old a jerk? Surely she wasn't paying any attention.

About that time William walked in the room, saw the juice on the floor, picked it up and, as he was handing it to his brother, Catherine grabbed his arm and said, "No, Weeyum, don't... Sewart is being a JERK!"

Nice, Mom. Real nice.

I mean, really.


Cindy said...

This sweet angel face? Impossible!

ashley said...

im sure it happens to the best of us. im preggo with my first and i can only imagine what one wearing on my patience is going to be like let alone managing 3! and to top it off, my mother already put the "I HOPE YOU HAVE ONE JUST LIKE YOU" curse on me. so i know i'm in for a FUN ride.

Colored With Memories said...

classic! my 20 month old walks around saying "shoot!" any time she drops something....greaaat!